At SunnyWorks.ca we offer other services as well to help you build your business, increase brand awareness and help you build your audience. With the right content and the right tools we believe your business will have a huge advantage over your competition. Our services are affordable but also very effective when it comes to your audience.


Digital Signage

Replace your Posters with Dynamic Digital Signage designed to attract and inform your audience of your products and services.

Graphic Design

We offer Graphic Designing for business to help with content creation for Digital Signage, business card design, banners, website design.

Video Editing

Add special effects, change audio or just want to add some caption or images to your videos.

Website Design

Show off your products and services with beautiful designs and colors that will brighten up your website and attract more traffic.

Surveillance System Installations

We offer professional surveillance system installation and setup for your business or home.

Cable Management

Are cables driving you mad? Avoid unwanted hazards in the office or at home with a superior cable management system.

Display Mounting Bracket Installation

TV Wall Mount Installation Service with Electrical Outlet Relocation behind the TV, and with all wires Concealed for a clean look.

PC Build & Repair

Repair your old computer to work well or just build a new computer from scratch, we are here to help.


There are many ways to show off your products and services with Digital Signage. We offer different Digital Signage packages to help you inform and educate your audience with what you have to say and offer. All the packages come with Unlimited Content Creation to help with creating vivid and dynamic content for your audience. Because we know how hard it is to bring customers in, we are here to help keep your audience shopping longer, increase purchase amount and brand awareness.




Monthly Subscription

  • 1 Screen and
    1 Media Player
  • Content Creation                  $700
  • Hardware Installation        $200
  • Media Player                          $300
  • Remote Assistance
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Unlimited Content Creation
  • First Month Free
  • No Contract



Monthly Subscription

  • 2 to 3 Screens and
    1 Media Player
  • Content Creation                  $500
  • Hardware Installation        $150
  • Media Player                          $600
  • Remote Assistance
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Unlimited Content Creation
  • First Month Free
  • No Contract



Monthly Subscription

  • 4 to 6 screens and
    2 Media Players
  • Content Creation                  $400
  • Hardware Installation        $150
  • Media Player                         $1200
  • Remote Assistance
  • Support and Maintenance
  • Unlimited Content Creation
  • First Month Free
  • No Contract


• Content Creation and Hardware Installation fees are per screen.

• Monthly Subscription is used to create future content and use of our server, since everything is done Online.

• Depending on the content load, there may be more media players needed.

• Per screen location, another Media Player will be required.

• SunnyWorks.ca does not carry hardware, but can give recommendations.

• Display Units or screens such as LED TV sizes do not affect the package prices.

• Hardware installation also includes cable management, to hide those messy cables.


• LED TVs are very affordable, at the average price of $400 per 43” LED 1080p TV.

• Display Mounting Brackets go for average price of 30$ per mount.

• Hardware can be purchased anywhere, we will give recommendations

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Surveillance Systems

We install Surveillance systems for businesses and homes. We also do the cable management, DVR system setup and Mobile viewing setup. Security Camera Video Surveillance Systems Installations and Setup


  • Wireless Cameras
    $50 each
  • Wired Cameras with Cable management
    $75 each
  • No Contract
  • Prices depend on cameras and location

• Indoor/ Outdoor Installations

• Day/ Night Vision Cameras

• HD 1080p Camera setups

• Motion Detector

• CCTV Security Cameras

• Commercial and Residential Installations

• Use your own camera system or we can give recommendations

• We do not carry any hardware

Installations and Cable Management

We install displays and display mounting brackets for your home or business. We also provide Outlet Relocation and Cable management, to help with those messy cables.


  • Display and mounting bracket
    $150 each
  • Outlet relocation & wire fishing
    $100 each
  • Cable Management
  • Prices depend on display size and preference

• We install all types of mounts

• Running wires inside the wall

• Projectors and screen cinemas

• Sound and home theater systems

• Professional and clean installation

• Commercial and Residential Installations

• Use your own display and mounting bracket or we can give recommendations

• We do not carry any hardware

Frequently Asked Questions

We are all familiar with advertising on billboards and posters...it's static and non-interactive. Now imagine having an LCD monitor in place of that paper poster...with an unlimited number of video, animation and design elements for you to make whatever you want to display, Imagine the possibilities.
Do you have message you want to get across to potential customers? Do you want to reach a captive audience using an effective and efficient method that will allow your company to upsell and cross sell either your product or service? Then yes, digital signage is right for you. SunnyWorks.ca makes the transition into the new medium effortless and inexpensive.
Digital Signage allows for displays in-store, banks and restaurants as well as in the office to be managed via the cloud in a simple cost effective way. Content can easily be uploaded to a play-list from any location globally via a secure web interface, from a PC, mobile or tablet and be scheduled and narrowcast to each store. Additionally the entire solution provides constant health monitoring, ensuring the continued flighting of your campaign.
Wherever you can hang an LCD monitor and reach potential customers...THAT'S where you can use digital signage. The possibilities are endless: Retail, Education, Leisure Public Transport, Museums, Entertainment, Gas Stations, Public Spaces, Restaurants and menu boards, Hospitality and more…

If you have other questions or concerns, please contact Sunny.

We do not carry any hardware, but we will give recommendations and we can pick your hardware up once we received a down-payment on the hardware.
There are many ways to mount your display for your audience to view your message. Here are some mounting options, Wall Mounted, Ceiling Mounted, Floor Standing, Multi Display Video Wall, Desk Mounting and Projector Mounting.
Depending on the Digital Signage content load, we may need a powerful Media Player. Before we can answer that, we will need to test the computer to see if it can handle the content. To get the best results, its better to go with the hardware we recommend.
We do our own hardware installation for all your hardware, from the display to the mounting bracket and also include a clean and organized Cable Management.
We professionally install and setup up your indoor surveillance cameras and do a clean and organized cable management to hide those messy cables.
About SunnyWorks.ca

SunnyWorks.ca offers services to help you achieve your digital business goals. Our primary mode of service is Digital Signage Solutions, but we offer other services such as Graphic Designing, Printing Services, Installations for Point of Sale Systems, Surveillance Systems, and much more. Get started with Sunny today!

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