Lets get to know each other, learn a bit about me and learn why I do what I do.

Our skills

SunnyWorks.ca has a lot of skills to offer your business. Skills such as Graphic Designing, Video Editing, Computer Technician, Surveillance system, and hardware installation. All these skills are to help us build a vivid and dynamic Digital Signage solution for your business. Below you will see the skills we offer and what skill we use most.
Digital Signage
Graphic Designing
Video Editing
Computer Technician
Hardware Installation/ Implementation
Surveillance Systems
Cable Management
Website Development

Our office

Digital Signage is our passion, we really enjoy Designing, Creating and Implementing Digital Signage for your business. SunnyWorks.ca has been around since 2015, with the growing demand of businesses wanting to increase brand awareness, Digital Signage will be the main source of indoor marketing. To provide you with the best prices, SunnyWork.ca does not have a office. Instead Sunny works from home to provide you the best services and prices. As our business grows with your business, we will open a location to help others find us and we can show off our services and what we have to offer.

My goal is to see Digital Signage in all businesses across the province, and to do that I have to offer the best service possible. I am offering you the opportunity to be involved and grow with my company as you invest in a service that helps your business grow. I love and believe in my product so much that if I could, I would give it away for free, just to see it helping businesses grow. If your business is successful, that makes me successful. There is no competition out there that can best my quality of service and investment amount.

Digital Signage offers your company the opportunity to show off your products and services, so your audience can be informed and are up to date on the best and upcoming deals. Think Digital Signage as a virtual staff, if the audience has a question or concern, they can turn to the screen for help.

Meet Sunny

I am Sunny and thank you for taking an interest in my passion. I enjoy designing, creating and implementing custom dynamic Digital Signage for your business and see your business be successful because if you are successful, that makes me a success.
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Sunny MoE

President, Founder and Project Manager

Phone: (905) 920-4016

Email: contact@sunnyworks.ca

Our Advantages

Better brand awareness

Great digital content displays will be noticed and talked about by its audience and will appeal to all ages. Boost sales and increase brand awareness by promote a large variety of products and special offers with Dynamic Digital Signs.

Cloud-sourced content

With Cloud technology, we can upload your content to our server/cloud and the content is easily accessible to make changes to images, text, layout, etc. with a click of a button. Just let us know what content or feature you want to change, update or add.


Isn't it time you replaced your static posters with live beautiful, dynamic content and informative presentations? Digital Signs are more eye catching and can be scheduled for different content to be viewed at different times in the day.

Highly customizable

Every company has its own unique way of branding itself. Digital Signage is customizable to accommodate your marketing needs. Not every business has products or services, you choose what your audience sees.



About SunnyWorks.ca

SunnyWorks.ca offers services to help you achieve your digital business goals. Our primary mode of service is Digital Signage Solutions, but we offer other services such as Graphic Designing, Printing Services, Installations for Point of Sale Systems, Surveillance Systems, and much more. Get started with Sunny today!

Phone: +1 905 920 4016

Email: contact@sunnyworks.ca

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